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    Wallace's interview with Tulsa World's Jennifer Chancellor

    World Scene Writer, Jennifer Chancellor interviewed Wallace and said: “Michaela Wallace is gunning for Justin Bieber”.

    See what else Chancellor discovered about Wallace in her interview with Tulsa World.

    The Joplin Globe's, Kevin McClintock interviews Wallace.

    The Joplin Globe’s, Kevin McClintock interviews Wallace about how she got to where she is now, her upcoming Media Tour in New York, staying positive despite all the negative comments,  and he even goes on to talk about the comparisons that are being made between her and Rebecca Black.

    Read all about Wallace and her journey in The Joplin Globe.

    KSPR 33's Leigh Moody interviews Wallace about her YouTube hit.

    Michaela Wallace has become an Internet sensation with her video ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend.

    Leigh Moody from KSPR 33 interviews Wallace about her fast track to stardom and how she got to where she is now.

    After her interview, Wallace performs the acoustic version of ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend’ live for the first time.

    Watch her live performance here!

    Michaela Wallace's interview with Joy Robertson of KOLR 10 News

    “If you’re a teenage girl, or the parent of one, you’ve no doubt heard of Justin Bieber.

    The singer has captured the hearts of millions of young admirers and “one” put her feelings into a song.

    That ‘one’  is from Monett, Missouri. What started as a Facebook post has led to millions of hits on you tube, and set a 14-year-old on the fast track to stardom.”

    View Michaela’s full interview with Joy Robertson.