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    The Joplin Globe's, Kevin McClintock interviews Wallace.

    The Joplin Globe’s, Kevin McClintock interviews Wallace about how she got to where she is now, her upcoming Media Tour in New York, staying positive despite all the negative comments,  and he even goes on to talk about the comparisons that are being made between her and Rebecca Black.

    Read all about Wallace and her journey in The Joplin Globe.

    KODE Action 12 News interviewed Michaela Wallace in her hometown of Monett, MO at  Mocha Jo’s coffee shop, where Wallace participated in the first annual ‘Mocha Jo’s Idol’ singing contest. Now less than a year later, Wallace has created a buzz with her viral You Tube video ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend.’ Check out Wallace’s interview with Jessica Brown of KODE Action 12 News here.

    Wallace's Interview with KODE Action 12 News in Joplin, MO.