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    417 Magazine’s New Things They Love: Michaela Wallace

    Michaela Wallace loves Justin Bieber and 417 Magazine loves Michaela. Find out why in the 417 Magazine “New Things We Love Now” November feature.

    Michaela Wallace poses with Bieber cutout for 417 Magazine

    A Rockin’ Summer on tour with Michaela Wallace

    Read the featured article all about Michaela’s Camplified Tour in Connection Magazine.

    A Rockin' Summer on tour with Michaela Wallace

    Michaela is looking for all of the girls at the Justin Bieber concert who were filmed for her “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” video. If you or anyone you know were filmed for this official music video please contact Michaela’s manager Jim Del Balzo at jim@jdbentertainment.com. Michaela and her team would really appreciate your help!

    The music video for the Sorted Noise-produced song “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” crossed the 1 million mark on YouTube this week. Performed by 14-year-old Michaela Wallace, and co written by Wallace along with Deanna Harper and Paul Alan, the video was an over-night success, catapulting Michaela into the mainstream with features on MTV and CNN, as well as a shout-out on twitter from Ryan Seacrest.

    Sorted Noise said, “We’re thrilled for the success of the video and look forward to more great stuff from Michaela!”

    "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend" reaches 1 million views

    PopEater’s interview with singer-songwriter Michaela about her future in music and whether she’d ever actually date The Biebs!